The church is not a building.

Our campus builds community. 

Our building is a church.
a preschool.
a community health and wellness center. 
a hub for learning in pandemic. 
a place for community building. 
a birthplace for non-profits. 
a resource for all.

Here at Myers Park Baptist Church, we want our buildings to be an asset to the community--a vehicle for curating inclusivity, spirituality, justice, and community. We love our buildings and want our surrounding community to feel like they are communal gathering spaces. 



We want our space to be an asset to the community, so our church facilities are available for rent to both members and non-members. Click on the images below to see the rooms in detail. 

For more information and to arrange facility rental, contact Lisa Caldwell at (704) 334-7232, ext. 136, or

Rental Fees



Heaton Hall

Heaton Hall accommodates up to 265 seated at tables or 350 seated in a lecture hall style. The minimum rental fee is $360 for 2 hours with additional hours being $105 per hour. We also charge a one time $200 minimum set up fee. As with all of our rentals, we require an after hours/weekend staffing fee of $25 per hour.

Shalom Hall

Shalom Hall accommodates up to 125 seated lecture-style and can be rented for $210 for the first 2 hours. It is $80 per hour after that with a $100 minimum set up fee. As with all of our rentals, we require a staffing fee for after hours/weekends of $25 per hour.

Youth Hall

Our Youth Hall accommodates up to 75 people with additional space to serve meals. To rent, it is $175 for up to 3 hours and $50 per hour after that. The Youth Hall will already be set up, but a $75 set-up fee will be charged if it needs to be changed. As with all of our rentals, a $25 per hour staffing fee will be charged if rental is after hours or on the weekends.

Church Parlor

The Church Parlor is a more casual space that accommodates up to 30 people and can be rented for $100 for up to 2 hours and $40 per hour after that. The set up cannot be changed. As always, we charge a $25 per hour staffing fee if your rental is after hours or on the weekend.

Room 250

Room 250 is fully equipped with a Smart TV for all of your technology needs. It can be rented for $110 for 3 hours with each additional hour costing $30. The setup cannot be changed. As always, we charge a $25 per hour staffing fee for rentals that are after hours and on weekends.

Room 254

Room 254 has a conference style table with comfortable rolling chairs for up to 12 people and includes a smart TV for presentations and can accommodate a Zoom meeting with the use of additional technology. To rent this room, it is $75 for 3 hours and $150 for the whole day. As always, we charge a $25 per hour staffing fee for weekends and after hours.



Solar Panels at MPBC


Being a community leader on important issues of justice (in this case, environmental justice) has always been important to our Church, so one of the primary purposes of our solar panel system is to serve as a focal point for energy education, both for our congregation and members of the community. We give tours of the system and we have a “Solar Energy Display” mounted in the entrance of the Cornwell Center and is also available below.


Tending to Our


Community Garden

The Friendship Garden at Myers Park Baptist, tended by Ed Williams for years before it had to be removed for HVAC underground pipe repairs, has been reborn! Addison Schultz, a scout mentored by Tom Jones, re-built the garden as his Eagle Scout Service project, and did a brilliant job: all natural cedar side garden beds, with sanded cedar top caps for sitting, and organic soil and mulch. Ed personally donated several varieties of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and more that are sprouting blooms. Harvesting has begun for delivery to Friendship Trays, a meals-on-wheels program for the needy. 


Walking the Path



A labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool for reflection. Its winding, circuitous walk symbolizes a person's walk into themselves. The labyrinth here at MPBC was pattered after the 14th century labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France. It is open to the public 24 hours a day and is well lit at night. 



Our Ancestors


On March 27, 2022, we dedicated our new columbarium. It will serve as a place to pause and remember the Saints who have passed on before us. For more information on the Columbarium, please click below.




Finding your way

We have a large campus, so we want to help you find your way around. Click on the button below to pull up a larger view of the campus map with an included room list.