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Whether it is your first time visiting or you have been coming here all of your life, we want to make sure that when you arrive, you are comfortable, welcomed, and included. Our ministers and staff will be happy to help you if you need any additional assistance when you arrive. We look forward to seeing you. 

What to Expect

Our Ministries


Our Sunday worship service has a traditional feel to it, which is a nice counterbalance to our progressive theology. We pray together, sing hymns, have about a twenty-minute sermon, and collect a voluntary offering that supports local nonprofits. Several times a year, we offer Communion to all those who would like to partake (any age, regardless of their baptismal status). The entire service lasts approximately one hour, though we hope your time with us will last much longer.

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Our goal is to walk through the stages of childhood with children–from birth through 5th grade–and their families, creating community for all. We have a number of offerings for children to help them discover their part in making God’s dream for the world come true by showing love, justice, and mercy to all the world. We hope you will entrust us with the care of your child.

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Our youth ministry is a welcoming and affirming place for all youth, ranging from 6th grade through 12th grade. We follow God in the way of Jesus, who shows us what love, justice, and spirituality are all about. We are committed to journey with one another as we learn, serve, and grow in community.

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We strive to create a space where all people feel welcome through intentional focus on hospitality, inclusion, and community building. From church-wide retreats to small group gatherings, we want to help all guests and members feel engaged and supported.

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The Ministry of Justice and Outreach (MOJO) seeks to give life and breath to our goal of boldly practicing the compassion and justice of Jesus by walking beside the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed. Our faith motivates us to work in the areas of education, economy, and environment to co-create a more just world.


As people on a journey of faith, we recognize that each of us has a unique story. Our rich and varied learning pathways are designed to nourish people in mind, body, and spirit, so that every person can be communally formed, theologically informed, and spiritually transformed to equip you to live with authenticity and depth.

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Finding your way

We have a large campus, so we want to help you find your way around. Click on the button below to pull up a larger view of the campus map with an included room list.