Youth Discipleship

Getting to the root

youth discipleship

Explore | Expand | Evolve | Emerge

Every 3rd Sunday @ 5pm-6pm Youth Hall

Class of 2023-2024 Sign Up Coming Soon | Open to all youth 6th-12th grade

What will we find when we dig to the roots of our faith, church, and world? What skills can we nurture and cultivate in our own journey? Our goals for this course: explore the Christian faith and other faith traditions; expand our worldview by incorporating perspectives from mentors; evolve our faith and leadership skills through mission; and emerge as confident in our spiritual identity. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to grow through videos, special guests, music, activities, and much more!

Contact: Rev. Tara Gibbs

**Baptism and/or church membership are not mandatory outcomes

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Tara Gibbs
Associate Minister of Spiritual Growth